What To Expect

Hope Traditional Wellness

Once you make contact with Hope Traditional Wellness, we will answer whatever questions you might have about how our clinic works, what services we offer, and try to make sure that you have all the information you need to make the decision to embark on your health journey with us.

When you schedule your initial appointment, we will provide you with new patient paperwork. Our administrative staff can either email, fax or mail this to you, or you can fill it out online through the link on our website.

We ask that you fill the new patient paperwork out and have it back to us at least two days prior to your appointment. That gives us time to have you entered into our computer system and have the paperwork for the counselor at the time of your appointment, avoiding any delays during your appointment time.

Initial Consultation

During your initial visit, you will spend 45 to 60 minutes with your counselor. During this time, we will go over your intake paperwork with you, gathering information on the current state of your diet, physical activity, and other health related factors. We will discuss your food intake and any supplements that you take. Your willingness to be fully open and honest during this time is very important – the more honest you can be, the better we are able to help you. Please rest assured that you will not be judged, criticized or ridiculed for anything you say to our counselors or staff. We have all faced health challenges and we are here to assist.

Zyto System

We will also conduct a Zyto bio-assessment. The Zyto system uses galvanic skin response to assess your body's responses to virtual-stressors and nutritional remedies. This will present suggested nutritional support for specific body systems or deficiencies. This assessment will take approximately 15 minutes. The results will be discussed with you at the time of the assessment. Further analysis may warrant a subsequent counseling session. Assessments are recommended once every month while you are in our program.

Finally, the counselor will make recommendations for generally beneficial dietary and lifestyle changes. Specific nutritional strategies to correct indicated deficiencies will be provided as soon as the Balance Assessment is analyzed. This may include specific dietary modifications, lifestyle factors, herbs and/ or other supplements. The counselor may also refer you for other beneficial services which we do not currently offer.

Follow-up Consultations

Follow up visits are anywhere from 2-4 weeks after the initial, depending on nutritional protocols. These visits are shorter – typically around 30 minutes. During follow up consultations, the counselor will ask you how you have been feeling since the previous visit; how things might have changed with the nutritional plan; and an outline of what symptoms are better, which are worse/ new symptoms, and which are unchanged. Another Zyto assessment may be conducted at that time. Having lists prepared for the counselor is tremendously helpful – supplement lists, symptom lists and a list of questions you may have.

Proper follow up is the single most important aspect of your treatment because it allows us to monitor your progress and change therapies as necessary to ensure that your progression towards health is as quick and smooth as possible. As your health improves, you will need less frequent follow-ups. Our goal is to enable you to manage your own health.

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